Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance program includes all the necessary components to ensure proper health and beauty for your garden.  We maintain gardens of all types. We care for lawns, rock gardens, green roofs, sun terraces, rooftop gardens, courtyards, private terraces street tree pits and free-standing planters.

We take pride in our expertise in evaluating and recommending improvements for your space. We are happy to tailor our program to suite your needs. Whether it's a once a year or once a week, we are equipped to care for your garden.

Landscape Installation

Our installation service begins with an onsite property review with our client. Based on this review we either propose areas for improvement or schedule a consultation with our landscape designer. We work closely with our client through this process to ensure a positive experience for them and a good outcome for their garden.

Seasonal Color

We provide our clients with 12-month seasonal color options. Specially tailored to their location. We create our seasonal color designs to be unique and reflect the needs of our client and the building's aesthetics. We transition from winter interest through tulips and pansies right on into summer color with both annuals and perennials. Provide fall planting options like Mums, Kale, Crotons, Halloween and other colder weather plants.

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